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Proper Move, came to existence as a sharp contrast to the market reality and as an attempt to disrupt the status quo. In reality many real estate decisions are not studied properly, and many advices given on the matter are not for the best interest of the buyer. Buyers often ended up with less than optimal units for the money they spend.

Hence, Proper Move emerged with the aim of PROVING that doing business right is possible, that building solid knowledge and providing it is transformative, that your biggest investment in real estate can always be handled with the respect and responsibility it deserves, and that your defined success criteria can be fully met or exceeded.

That all started back in 2014, by a team of highly experienced real estate professionals who are passionately keen about the reputation of the real estate field and wanted, as a contrast, to offer their clients nothing short of the best. Since then, the company has been growing double digit year-over-year in terms of satisfied clientele base, and eager team members.


To be Egypt’s leading brokerage firm in terms of offering best value advise to our customers to enable them reach outstanding success in their upcoming real estate purchase be it for living, leisure or investment. Our success can only be reached when our customers are successful


To reform the purchase decision-making in the Egyptian market from being vague, rumor based and poorly educated, to becoming: orderly, transparent, and based on solid knowledge and true insights. We will continue building on our reputation of respect and responsibility

Services provided

Primary homes

we offer a free consultation service for those who are searching for a new home in Cairo, Sokhna, North coast and Gouna. We understand their needs in details to provide them with the suitable options matching their criteria in more than 100 projects with the most reliable developers. As we guarantee a well-educated and full studied purchase decision, we highlight all the pros and cons in all the options in a transparent manner.

Resale homes

we are a mediator between the “Buyer” and the “Seller”. First, we offer a listing service for the seller and second, help the buyers to choose from a pool of units; the home that best suits their needs. We guarantee you a transparent full of satisfaction purchasing / selling decision with Proper Move.


Passion about helping clients succeed and hunger for knowledge in real estate are the two common characteristics clearly visible in every single individual of our team. Long years of experience (wrong experience) is not the primary factor we depend on to achieve our dream. Our ethos of correcting what is wrong in the market and saving many from uneducated or rumor-based decisions is what keeps us motivated going strong. This is the challenge we strive to beat. We believe that it is about time that the rest of the market sees a shining example that is based on solid knowledge, hard work, complete transparency, and superior customer service standards to get inspired and hence transform the market along with us.


Our Values


This is the only product we sell, and we are continuously striving to make it complete and perfect for our customers who are keen to make a knowledge-based purchase


You can always depend on our work ethics to make your purchase a stress-free experience, we are available, we keep our word, and will do the work so you don’t


You can trust us not only for the good intentions we have, but also for the superior knowledge we provide. We have nothing to hide. We win when you do


We deeply know what sacrifices go into the biggest investment in one’s life, and this knowledge drives us to deal with all our clients with the responsibility the respect this decision deserves.

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